2009年12月28日 星期一

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Internet matures, the information explosion, rapid changes in social manners, and many cultures we have not updated fast enough to understand the retreat popular, easy access to voice and become irrelevant, copy the message everywhere. ##CONTINUE##the surface is a well-developed age of information, but because it easily copied into a large unified message to rubbish dump.

In such circumstances, are actually easy to move with the trend. Students from years of operations and reports can be seen, we were almost caught paste the creativity and thinking gradually see that this is where we are modern.

Extracted from the issue of Style

Each era has its own problems to face, in other words will be different because they create their own cultural style. Looking back to see the past, we have experienced, the total number of works across a number of times, in the Calvary different time points in the form of a contemporary re-presented in people's eyes.

"Romeo and Juliet" in 90 years to YA in the form of films capture people's hearts again in 2005, "The Peony Pavilion" is also dragged into the modern theater and the people of the world meet. We can present a matter for the reading level of the listener is shaken, but the creator is to draw the line in terms of the reconciliation between the old and new, this process can present a contemporary character to the others, leaving some of the era of the label , so that old in the new segments continue to ferment, it should be an important issue relating to heritage.

In my own band orchestra hospitality, traditional music how to maintain the state of nature presents a new style, modern musical instruments how to play a balanced media is very important. Traditional and contemporary instrumental music's own characteristics play France in imitation of each other under the original in the field often become grotesque. Often heard playing music of the old gentleman who said that our hands Hsiao Shih-wei, erhu playing is not music, but also young people often say that we is not rock, but also because so difficult to imitate and create a unique musical qualities.

How to prolong the effects of work

Poet Sciascia about me to do a stage performance at the Earth God Temple drama "boiled the sea people."But when she mentioned the story Sheng Chu Hai, when actually I have no impression. Find great God asked google, memory of the source should be 20 years ago, every Saturday at noon on TTV's "Chinese Folk Tales" and the Echo Press, "Chinese fairy tale." "Chinese fairy tale" is the sixth grade, I read an important experience, a story every night before bed so that part of my childhood memories are very good. In the dim bedside lamp, Mickey Mouse pajamas, as well as air, electric mosquito faint smell of that moment in that comfortable bed imagination, aggressive and focused.

Reading is older. What not to say that need to occur in any age to read better, but the reading itself will stay the age label. The age of five with the 35-year-old little jingle when the duo啦A dream left me a different traces.

Shanghai Dragon King daughter loves the young scholar Zhang, Gao Ren instruments used by the help of the usual cooked punishing waves of the East China Sea Dragon King, the last lovers Chengjuan Shu, the protagonist has a perfect ending. It is said to Yuan dynasty drama, but is also the coast, is the Dragon King, and that Chinese flavor, the hearts of the Yuan Dynasty's fairy tale should be a kill down the mapi, such as a cyclone swept away the general's daughter, his father disappeared in the desolate desert of this situational Cai Dui.

The flow of time, the work continued a relationship with the reader, leaving behind a lot of stories Extension, as the various life experiences in the spices or the spindle. A book, a poem about the story of a life constantly staged work life is really like and readers together.

As a grown up and their direct contribution to society without the creation of people, when I was in the implementation of various projects, we tend to vaguely remember reading a child's sense of attachment to work can have on how to stretch the long-tail effect, or continuation of life from the thought of a better value.

Outdoor event the front of the temple land

Na, Chang put the band over the years with the hospitality, whether it is an important local Matsu, or ridge edge small enough to be ignored by the Three Mountain Kings, for hospitality is the main place of performance and activities. However, in this field in the domain you want to import modern drama is, indeed, difficult to dig out a standard of imagination, just a stage next to the shrimp fishing lamp brightness and "Dong Dong ㄘ ㄘ" music let me play several question marks.

Outdoor theater needs a strength, strong to be squeezed out around the affected level. Look at our outdoor culture of Taiwan in the land, which is not a fierce and powerful? Significance at the local temple and functions are often beyond our imagination, whether it is in the past or modern times, the temple and cultural activity of the pulse of the times are always biting. Ye Hao said that it maintain the cultural heritage, or cultural recycling Ye Hao, at least in my mind the intensity of this temple has been maintained at a concentration inside.

Because of this, when a non-temple system performance which should be entered when the link with the need to deal with resistance are extremely complex, and even the music, co-ordination work needs to done their homework. Fujian, Guangdong and along the north-south pipe is important in life through music genres, but the character of the north tube of vigorous outdoor culture of continuous transformation, such as the evolution of general, on the streets with loudspeakers on, with the lion dance troupe, the Guangdong faction to join the Lion Drum more of the scriptures on the preparation of group singing segment, and even to the most recent I've even seen babes Latin drums, thousands of colorful feast. In the north tube outside the body to see into the internal forces of a pluralistic and inclusive, an innovative attempt to aggressive, which is already solid in the way of Taiwan's culture, the world only if we have.

The integration of traditional and modern

Therefore, the integration of traditional and modern will be imperative. In music a variety of styles in the independent music scene for many years will be familiar to musicians Lin Qiang, from the debut since the beginning of each period is always capable of pulling direction of contemporary popular music: whether it is the first "move forward" or mid-term pluralistic "entertainment world", until now electronic, "Awakening of Insects." Most of the recent music of the picture with a strong sense, although the form with the changing times, but have not always been the core of the intense narrative shaken solid convey his Buddhist attitude and humane care.

Also in the "underground society", read the younger generation of high-tech electronic orchestra,"undercooked friend party" performances, denon main parties, but say that in fact they deliberately narrowed diverse music content. Dance in the consumer electronics world, most of them are DJ plus a trun table to start everything up, play a few instrumental live ammunition. "Undercooked Friends Party" Inspired started their instrumental capabilities, focus its efforts on the part of dance, such a thematic axis of music is worthy of attention.

Hospitality of the band's drummer and singer Cheer Chen Zhong up the album producer Zhong-hu, the two brothers were remarkable contribution to Taiwan's music. Dage music from the early concept of sub-pits, hand over the band, all the way to today's "hospitality band", in addition to the creation of music outside the cultural history of Taiwanese music should have to leave his name. He spent a lot of effort in the design of Hakka music and drum and evolution, whether it is software or hardware. Collection of East and West "Da Drum" has been developed to the seventh generation, and had to be five or six people playing drums, Oriental eight tones, combined with a Western man playing bass drums, the Dage nearly two decades in the design evolved into one person can handle things consolidated version. When we tour to France, even a museum like collection, we can see its value.

There is also a former theater singer Wang Yu-jun, always carrying a guitar from south to north, Meine size of the township. Although not understand read music either, but she will be a strong favorite characters into the narrative style of music, with a touch of folk wind, gentle, will be living in the performance of exhaustive and meticulous observation.

From the traditional to new generation, multi-musical appearance of the audio-visual integration in the contemporary world. At the same time through a fast network transmission, you can always watch on the Internet around the world, music, and these elements are constantly breeding deformed. How do I integrate different styles of music, and, through the voice of this generation say belongs to the language, and then with the drama, writing dialogue, which is the responsibility of our times, we need to trace.